Review of the 21st Century King James Version (KJ21) by Brother Isaac (now Father Andrew)

"21st Century King James Version Bible"
Book Review by
Brother Isaac (now Father Andrew)
St. Michael's Skete
Canones, NM

This article appeared in The Christian Activist

New and Exciting Updated King James Bible Now Available

Genius, as they say, is often manifest in the ability to see the obvious. A small Bible publishing company in South Dakota has proved the point. They have updated the original 1611 King James Bible simply by changing some obscure nouns, verbs and adjectives, and using modern punctuation and formatting. Retaining the traditional second person singular and third person singular forms (e.g., "thou lovest" and "he loveth"), this updating of one of our language's greatest and most basic classics is a Godsend for those who delight in and cherish the traditional devotional language of English-speaking people. One might quibble about this or that substitution for some word in the 1611 version (for instance, "Does this particular choice best represent the Greek word in the original?"), but in every instance this text is faithful to its English prototype.

More than anything else, this Bible is utterly and completely devoid of those loose translations, tampering with the Word of God, and blatant politically-correct alterations of meaning in many modern translations of the Scriptures. This reviewer knows the Greek New Testament well, and he can assure his readers that no other translation of the Bible equals the King James in accuracy. Robert Claiborne in Our Marvelous Native Tongue complains of modern Bible translations, "the words are there but the music is gone." This excellent and handsomely bound updating has both the words (the right words) and the music.

Telling the testimony to this Bible's "relevance" comes from the young children of a friend; "We love it when Mom reads to us from our beautiful new Bible." If ten-year-old modern American children can understand this Bible with no difficulty, and they love it, then certainly the "days of the King James Version" are far from over! Many thanks to retired Attorney William D. Prindle and his small staff, who spent seven arduous years in the preparation of this updating. We use this Bible in church and highly recommend it.

What they say in their promotional material in my opinion is quite true: "The 21st Century King James Version is markedly closer in language and spirit to the original King James Version than any other Bible copyrighted in the 20th century. It is an accurate and understandable updating which preserves the power, beauty, and timeless message of its historic predecessor. It is simply the most powerful and beautifully worded of all modern Bibles."

Brother Isaac (now Father Andrew), St. Michael's Skete, Canones, NM

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